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The story starts in the early 2000's when I, David Fredriksson, co-founded a black metal band called Becksvart (Pitch black). Being inspired by Norwegian black metal bands of the 90's I and the other band member Gast started rehearsing frequently in a schools music room. It was with great dark joy, but slowly I somehow grew tired of black metal and went towards doom, dark and gothic metal for fulfillment. Due to this my interest went away from Becksvart, but nevertheless we still released a demo.

While still playing in the band I started a solo project named Tanha. This project went on for a couple of years with a couple of demos released, one consisting of gothic black metal and the other more towards dark metal. I still worked on releasing a third demo, but I would never be happy enough with the results. While the newly recorded songs sounded ten times better, it still wasn't enough. Due to this standstill I started yet another solo project which was suppsosed to be pure funeral doom metal. Even though making enough songs for a whole album, slowly the interest of making music faded and other obligations took its place. Many years passed.

In 2014 I was asked by prevously named Gast, the former band member, to join a new black metal band. Although still not overly interested in the musical choise, I came to a rehearsal and pretty much instantly fell in love with the music. With that my interest for making music sparked once again. This new flame clearly shows in this band which I am is still a member of, but at the same time I longed to make more personal music and also challenge himself into becoming a better musician. I also set up a small home studio for recording guitars and bass.

In the summer of 2014 Dysphorian Breed was born. Being inspired by many extreme doom bands of both the past and present the musical direction was quite clear. The ideas were flurishing and in a matter of a couple of months the first album, "The Longing for the Tides of Metamorphosis", was finished and released. It was not expected that the album would be received in the way that it was, meaning very positive reviews and feedback.

Due to this wonderful reception I decided to start working on a new record on the fly. The first album was pretty guitar driven and that was the biggest flaw in my vision of the music of the project. I wanted slow pumping guitars in the background, but letting the organs and choirs take the leading role. With no hesitation I decided to change the whole recording structure and record the organ and choirs first in the chain and I also added a few other instruments such as a piano and a violin. This new found change made recording way easier and I got so much inspiration from this that the song making was quick and somewhat painless. "The Rain of Ash" was the result and is to be released just over two months after the first album.

The new Dysphorian Breed page!

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Who could have thought that I would actually take the time to both redesign the website and also add fill it with some noteworthy content? Well, it actually happened even if it took a couple of months for me to even start working on it.

The only new content which hasn't been linked already from the Dysphorian Breed Facebook is a biography, but that's not too chabby according to me at least. The main focus as of now is to have the website as an archive of everything that has happened to the project. I also intend to write more in-depht stuff here than on my Facebook page.

How about that design then? I tried to copy the design of my Bandcamp, but I added a few tweaks. For one I wanted the text to be viewable without magnifying glasses! Give it a try and click on the music link or go to my Bandcamp. Pretty similar, aren't they?

What else is new? I'm still working on getting "The Rain of Ash" finished. I have vocals left to record for one song and I need to rerecord some guitar parts here and there for the rest of the songs. After that it's pretty much just the mixing. The teaser video will give you a good idea what I want the final mix for all songs to sound like. When that's done I hope to be able to send the album for review to some places in hope to get the word going. Finally I may contact some labels to see if it's possible to get a physical release of the album. A lot of fun, right?!

Stay tuned for more such fun and just a lot of other goodies I hope to be able to provide from here!

The Longing for the Tides of Metamorphosis

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Written a review and want to be seen here? Just contact me and I'll make it so.

The Sleeping Shaman
"The Longing For The Tides Of Metamorphosis is the debut album by David Fredriksson of Sweden under the moniker of Dysphorian Breed. It can be said that it contains your basic elements of funeral dirge metal, sludge metal, death metal, prog metal, etc. There’s elements of speed metal here also, bringing back recollections of Jag Panzer. I have to say, that Mr. Fredriksson does these all very well, very competently."

"Fans of keyboard-driven funereal doom will not find too many surprises here, but will be satisfied with the quality and patience of Dysphorian Breed’s debut. The songs do not quite reach the high pinnacles that they sometimes threaten to scale, but with a little more complexity and experience added to the mix, ‘The Longing For The Tides Of Metamorphosis’ could yet be the start of something great."

Stu's Reviews
"This is a brilliant debut and that it is a solo recording makes this even more impressive."

Wonderbox Metal
"As début albums go this is an emotive and resonant expression of dark negativity and the power it can have to fuel the creative. An enjoyable ride through the desolate."
"Frederiksson is definitely on to something, and with a new album on the way for fall 2014, there’s plenty of dysphoria to look forward to."

The Metal Observer
"The Longing for the Tides of Metamorphosis is an exceptional debut. The programmed drums hold things from being truly ferocious during the faster portions, but the monolithic riffs and trudging atmospheres keep it firmly rooted in the realms of slow. Apparently not one to rest on his laurels, Fredriksson already has another full-length album scheduled to come out in November, titled The Rain of Ash. This is a solid debut that shows a band with tons of promise. Pay what you can at Bandcamp."

Metal Temple
"Holy Funeral Doom, Batman. If you want to talk about heavy, this album has heaviness in spades, and it’s largely because of the bleak, suffocating atmosphere that permeates throughout its duration.Holy Funeral Doom, Batman. If you want to talk about heavy, this album has heaviness in spades, and it’s largely because of the bleak, suffocating atmosphere that permeates throughout its duration."

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