The new Dysphorian Breed page!

Published: 2014-09-21 04:02:23 | Category: News

Who could have thought that I would actually take the time to both redesign the website and also add fill it with some noteworthy content? Well, it actually happened even if it took a couple of months for me to even start working on it.

The only new content which hasn't been linked already from the Dysphorian Breed Facebook is a biography, but that's not too chabby according to me at least. The main focus as of now is to have the website as an archive of everything that has happened to the project. I also intend to write more in-depht stuff here than on my Facebook page.

How about that design then? I tried to copy the design of my Bandcamp, but I added a few tweaks. For one I wanted the text to be viewable without magnifying glasses! Give it a try and click on the music link or go to my Bandcamp. Pretty similar, aren't they?

What else is new? I'm still working on getting "The Rain of Ash" finished. I have vocals left to record for one song and I need to rerecord some guitar parts here and there for the rest of the songs. After that it's pretty much just the mixing. The teaser video will give you a good idea what I want the final mix for all songs to sound like. When that's done I hope to be able to send the album for review to some places in hope to get the word going. Finally I may contact some labels to see if it's possible to get a physical release of the album. A lot of fun, right?!

Stay tuned for more such fun and just a lot of other goodies I hope to be able to provide from here!