Discussing The Rain of Ash

Published: 2014-09-22 19:47:02 | Category: News

I have written a lot about "The Rain of Ash", but that doesn't really stop me from doing it once more. I'm really excited about this release to say the least. There's still over a month before the release date and I still have a lot more work to do, but I might mention a little about the direction I have taken on the album.

The album will be keyboard-driven which is a huge change from "The Longing for the tides of Metamorphosis". That basically means that the entire structure of the music was made with keyboards and the guitars were added in much later in the recording stage. I feel this lessens the focus on the guitars a bit, but on the other hand it adds something very different to the sound. The keyboard lines are much better made and there are still a lot of guitar leads and melodies so there's always a lot going on at any given point.

The lyrics are also dealing with some new subjects. "The Longing for the Tides of Metamorphosis" dealt with love, death and apathy and so will "The Rain of Ash", but in a new setting so to speak. How about being in the brink of death with a loved one in the very end of times and how about the silence after all life on earth has ceased to be? Of course I haven't experienced this in first person, but the lyrics are still very personal and the apocalypse scenario is basically a metaphor. The first song of the album will however not deal with total annihilation, but the loss of someone very close. I still haven't recorded the vocals for this track because it's a difficult subject for me, but there's still a lot of time for me to ease into it. The title "I Remember Things" is also really weird, but there's a very simple explanation. Remember "The Twilight Zone" on TV? It's taken from there, but I won't clarify from exactly which episode yet.

Next in the area of differences is a much improved booklet. This album will still be digital, but I know I'm not the only one who loves to read the lyrics in a beautiful booklet while listening to the music. I wanted both lyrics and really detailed artwork so that you can spend the entirety of the album just looking in the booklet. I'm not a professional designer and I'm not good at making art myself, but the very late Hans Holbein made some really exciting illustrations which fits perfectly with the lyrical theme.

Like I mentioned I'm really exciting to get this album finished and I would love to hear what you think about it. If you are a reviewer, don't hesitate to contact me to get a copy of the album before the actual release date.