Progress update

Published: 2014-09-27 05:26:25 | Category: News

Once again I will mention the upcoming release, "The Rain of Ash". This time I thought I'd mention how the recording and mixing is going. The release date is still set to the first of November which might seem like a lot of time, but there is still a lot to do. Here is the current progress:

1. I remember things 65%
2. Shards of Glass 100%
3. The Rain of Ash 85%
4. Till Doomsday Do Us Part 100%

Total: ~88%

The percent basically represents how completed the actual song is. Even if it is at 100% there is a possibility that the track needs to be remastered to get an even sound quality on the finished album.

As mentioned I have yet to record vocals for the first track and a lot of guitars need to rerecorded. Guitars also need a bit of rerecording on the third track. Other than that we're pretty much set for a great release!