Published: 2015-05-24 18:30:02 | Category: About

The story of Recovery Abandoned began about 10 years ago, but became dormant after a few lost recordings. Only three songs were made in its first iteration and it was supposed to be pure funeral doom metal. The reason Recovery Abandoned dawned was because my then somewhat active project, Tanha, wouldn't fit the ultra slow nature of the music. Nevertheless, the recordings got lost after a few years and were never released.

10 years later in the year 2014, the second iteration of Recovery Abandoned came to be. This time it was the polar opposite, Dysphorian Breed provided slow doom and Recovery Abandoned focused on speedy black metal. 

An EP was recorded called "Relapse of Loves Anguish". This album was somewhat poorly mixed and the drum programming did not suffice in any way, but was released on most music streaming sites. Directly after this release work began for the followup, "Ailment of Hysteria". this album featured five new songs which were better mixed. The drum programming was also worked on and sounds way better. However, this album was not released either since Dysphorian Breed was now the main project. Recovery Abandoned was put on hold...

In April of 2015, Recovery Abandoned returned in its third and final iteration. The main focus was to release both the first EP in a remastered format and also the followup album. This is still a work in progress and what happens after the planned releases is uncertain, but Recovery Abandoned will finally get the attention it deserves!